Branding Football in Kerala – Project Brief

Project Background:
We’ve all heard the humdrum about how most sports except cricket are neglected in India. Everyone also concurrs on the idea that the problem is from the grassroots level up. Some people are doing something about this seriously but their efforts are usually too isolated and too single dimensional to sustain themselves in a commercially oriented set up. So when Shiva Kesvan India’s top winter Olympian approached us with the idea of organising a little football tournament some where beautiful in Kerala we decided to give our marketing ideology a test.

So far this is what we’re working on:
Core: 7 a side football tournament with 8 teams (6 local teams, one team from amateur players all across India and one of them being an Italian minor league team).
Location: Periya a remote locality in the Wayanad district. Plenty of ecological beauty, home to many endangered species as well as rare medicinal plants(devoid of most things urban). There is an ancient cultural heritage with some temples dates over 4000 years back and currently there is a lot of religious diversity with Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Tribals peacefully coexisting. Locally sevens football very popular.

Envisioned Target Audience: Local Population, Urban travelers, Urban Sports enthusiasts, Italians, socio-eco tourists, school children

When : some time in mid April (high altitude so weather not a concern) for about 5 days tops.

Objective: To make this Football tour. an enaging sports and social property enjoying cult status amongst TA.

Bearing in mind the above objective, we have and are continuing to thrash out ideas to boost particpation.
It’ll be fantastic to hear from you on areas such as brand, marketing and promotion, design, culture, monetisation, sponsorship, social impact, partnerships, arts, anything really…

Here’s a look see of what we’re starting with 🙂 –

if you want to send us a personal note: thinkrasta@gmail.com is where you do it..:)



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