We’re at the Root of it – Branding Football in Kerala

Objective: To make this Football tour. an engaging sports and social property enjoying cult status amongst TA

Bearing in mind the objective from the previous post here’s a quick update on the work RASTA has done so far:


1. Not looking at the tournament as a standalone but as an outfit to develop sport at the grass roots

2. The initiative is called Roots Football with connotations such as Grass root, strength, brutal rawness, basic, start, ecology

3. A Festival built around the tournament to facilitate the social side of the objective. It’s naturally called ROOTS FESTIVAL.

4. Duration 18-24th April 2011. Last 3 days are the long Easter weekend


Roots Football Logo  

Lungi Man

Lungi Man the icon stands for raw strength at the roots . He is a barefooted, barechested, lean footballer somewhere in a

village who’s standing errect on the ball prepared for the game. The sketch format seems like the icon appeared from sheer negative space, so do the pentagons on the ball. 

The pentagons are colored but the choice of colors is merely complimentary. We can come up with ridiculous rationales behind the choice of each but they simply look good and lend their contrasting properties. 

Roots Festival – Master Creative 

Concept – Though our football playing lungi man is right at the centre of the festival, the festival is not just about him or the football. The other essentials at roots are – craft, culture, tourism, ecology, music, people, the whole experience really.

Roots give the tree a foundation what gives them one

Design style – egyptian hieroglyphics ( Vikram Gill)


Locals, urban tourists , sports enthusiast, ecological organizations, Italians constitute our TG

Festival merchandise is being developed which will up here soon

The platform for most of the communication and engagement is Facebook. Check it out


We also plan to develop virals and invite media for coverage of a clean festival

We expect tourists to travel from Bangalore and Kozikode for the festival.



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