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Top 12 of the Last 6. Look at your ad, now look at these.

They say nothing succeeds like success, and it dresses up fine too.
So we talk about the most successful ad campaigns released in the first half this fiscal. We’ll also find out why they have the radiance of royalty in spite being straight from the street sometimes.
As we attempt to explore their anatomy we encounter lessons on offer. So we push up our spectacles and studiously make notes. Now when we delve into our notes we realize why some are better than the others and deserve recognition as they have appealed to the young and ADHDed.
To be fair we let parameters for this evaluation emerge from the campaigns themselves, judged on an equal platform without any bias towards the ones featuring cute babies, animated hamsters, baby Darth Vaders etc
So here are the parameters leading up the top 12(campaigns) in the last 6(months) .

1. Ka-blam! factor – Traditionally referred to as Engagement or the Wow. Questions while arriving at this one are – Does the person hang on till the end of the ad with eyes wide open or a smile on his face? Does the ad have enough going for it for people to unapologetically like/+1/share it? Does it make you, as Jack Nicholson puts it; want to be a better man? Ka- blam though usually comes about when everything comes together but sometimes factors such as visual appeal, sound play a major role.
2. Product focus – At the end of the day, an ad is about pre-selling a product. You don’t want a viral video for a campaign where people don’t even know what they’re looking at, except that it’s a cool video worth sharing.
3. Connect On what levels does the ad campaign connect with its young audience? Is it with it or stuck in Air Jordans, talk about connects via – funny, happy, inspiring, daring,loathing or others.
4. Breakthrough Often to stand out you need to break the mould. So we evaluate if these campaigns have done something that breaks ways in concept through execution.
5. Brand relevance Would the audience be able to relate the ad to the core idea that the brand has established for itself?
6. Impact What was the result of each campaign???? Success doesn’t necessarily mean being world famous, it means achieving what you set out to when you briefed that design studio.
So, with these parameters in mind, we charted out a list of some popular ad campaigns of this half year. .

1. Party rock is in the house tonight
Kia soul- Share some soul campaign

The sheer contrast in characters enhances the visual quality of the spot and keeps the audience Ka blamd. The music ensures that not only is the ad watchable but also very listenable. Who doesn’t want to see dancing robots and hamsters that save the day by shuffling and bobbing their heads to the song and driving with a swagger. The focus on the product is sharp and for the segment, Kia does well to position it as a more a fun machine clearly for the young and animated.

2. All in it- Literally

Adidas is all in

Now here’s one ad by Sid Lee that brings in culture and style from different walks of life, in the form of pop star Katy Perry and Footballer Lionel Messi, pro skater, boxers and mashes it all together in a 30 seconds spot. A sports brand which has always leant into lifestyle. The execution with the presence of big names from all different active walks of life is interesting. Visually appealing it pushes the envelope with the mash up going so fast that anyone would want to have a second look just to find out who all are featured in the ad. There also seems a hierarchy amongst those featured with Messi and Katy Perry playing king and queen. And the brand campaign is extended into product via spots such as the d Rose below:

3. May the force be with the kid
Volkswagen- the force campaign

You are hooked to this ad right from the start with the dramatic background score, star wars style and a mini Darth Vader who is trying to use his ‘force’ on everything from a washing machine, to a doll, to his dog but fails in his attempts, until his dad’s Volkswagen 2012 Passat shows up in the driveway. Focus on product in the end and use of a popular sub-culture and humour the most appealing of human emotions in any ad.

4. Don’t be afraid
Carlsberg- That calls for a Carlsberg

Carlsberg went for the intended ad in the form of a live footage. How would you react if you enter a movie theatre filled with 150 odd bikers and one of the only two seats left is for you? Would you dare to sit and watch the movie alongside these burly men? hats what Carlsberg did in Belgium. And if you dared, you were awarded with a Carlsberg beer and the bikers applauding and cheering for you like bunch of loud teeny boppers, cos you overcame your fear and looked beyond the stereotype. An ad that would put smile across your face and make you want to share it as well. The product focus, just the right amount. A perfect ad execution. Now, that calls for a Carlsberg.

5. Diaper hip hop
Evian- Roller babies

Take a look at one of the most viral campaign of this year. Evian scored on the sheer cuteness factor, when it decided to put in babies on roller skates showing their hip moves. Visual appeal? 4 words – babies on roller skates. Product focus, right from the start when the narrator asks, how does evian make you feel and in the middle of the ad as well, where it talks about the purity of an evian. Breakthrough in innovation? Repeat the 4 words again. Brand relevance? Absolutely. Purity is what evian stands for and will make you feel and live young in terms of your body and mind (you can’t get younger than a baby now, can you?) Impact? Massive. Almost 50 million views on youtube.

6. Strip cycle
Contrex- My Contraexperience

They say that you cannot put neon sign and stripper in the same sentence if you want to attract women to your ad. But Contrex proved otherwise with this campaign. This is another example of an ad shown as a live footage (trending advertisement strategy this year might I add) where a group of young women in Paris cycle to see a virtual man in neon signs strip. Yes. Breakthrough video in its execution using the experiential route. Product focus in terms of the place where it has been placed. The ad is about Contrex a mineral water brand by Nestle which makes you replenish your body with natural calcium. The contrex bottles are placed besides every cycle for the women to quench their thirst each time they cycle to see more of the neon man. Brand relevance in terms of the brand standing for healthy living and exercise hence the cycling. Audience connect, the women will cycle away to glory if they have enough incentives to, plus they have their contrex handy by their side. At the end, these women are being congratulated by the neon man with a strategically placed sign which says that they’ve lost 2000 calories for all the hard work they’ve put in. What more could a woman want? Impact, well its one of the recent viral videos and it brought the name Contrex on the world brand map, not just Paris.

7. Michael says
Sony PS3’s Long Live Play Campaign

When nobody dared stand up to Zeus in a city of suffering, he did. When the whole bloody world has gone crazy, he brings peace and sanity back to the world. When half the city hates you and when half of it wants you dead, he brings out your good side. Whatever good you’ve done, its him. The one man that breaks through the whole war just to save you. They raise a toast to Michael, for all he does, for all of them.
Before long you start wondering who this Godly Michael is. Well, Michael is your average PS3 user with a playstation remote in his hand. To Michael. This ad focuses on the core user experience and shows him as the hero of the ad. Tells him that without him, the product is nothing. He is needed to make it a success. Engaging with perfect background score and execution. This raises a toast and some hair at the back of the neck for its many Michaels.

8. Stop a mate from driving drunk- Bloody legend
New Zealand Transport Agency: Legend

The above ad is about an anti drunk driving campaign from New Zealand. It’s a social message delivered with panache. Add cool music, and humour, and a teen going through all the consequences if he doesn’t stop his mate from driving while drunk. It’s crazy to drive drunk he says, and everybody agrees. So does the drunk guy. Most importantly it’s not preachy patronizing to its young audience, instead it comes from them. A social message executed in style. Impact? Well, it just might be the most popular ad from New Zealand. Bloody legend.

9. The cat has swag. And now I’m typing again!

Dreamworks puss in boots

Dreamworks’ Puss in boots ad campaign piggy backs (leverages) on two popular brands in this ad. The parent brand Shrek and the old spice’s immensely popular and viral ‘Man you could smell like’ campaign. Add to it the sub brand Puss from the movie Shrek and you have all the ingredients for an ad which will be remembered for the cat who had the swag. Ohh did I mention, Antonio Banderas’ voice? Puss broke the perception that Banderas was just another pretty face. It’s a breakthrough ad in the way movies are promoted. It identified the pulse of the current trend and built on its success by parodying the style. The fact that there was a cat copying the old spice guy made it more engaging and visually appealing. Add a dash of humour ad you have a winner. On a horse nonetheless.

10. Tracking the rise and rise of the Bieber fever
Google chrome- Justin Bieber

Google Chrome here highlights how it is to be blamed for the rise of Justin Bieber to the phenomenon that he is. Okay, not blame, exactly, but you get the drift. Cash in on the current in thing- the biebs and you are guaranteed a viral video, all the Justin lovers and haters will watch the video. To comment. Plus the ad highlights the features of google chrome and how it can be used to turn an ordinary person into a teeny bopper star. It shows you the power of the web, the connectivity. The video scores for Google because it highlights the power of networking on web and how a common man can be turned into a star by a simple click of a button. Most importantly they play on cardinal ideas of hope and lust for fame without saying “you can be hero”. Google is right at the centre of the click world. You see the shine on the chrome? Connect? You bet!

11. How do you judge a book?
Dermablend’s Go beyond the cover campaign

Every once in a while comes an ad campaign which seems perfect. Which moves you, which excites you, intrigues you, which is visually simple yet so extravagant? It plays with your emotions on so many levels. Which is minimalistic and has the perfect music score. The focus on the product is just right not making it feel like an ad. This is the stuff viral videos are made of. Dermablend’s Go beyond the cover ad campaign is all that and more.

12. Groundbreaking? You bet. And now I’m typing.
Old spice – the man you could smell like campaign

This ad campaign created a social media explosion like no other. Just look at sheer numbers for impact.
Number of videos made for this campaign: 180
Number of video views: 6 million and counting
Number of comments: 27000 and counting
All this in a week! The number of views has sky rocketed since then.
Yes, look at the previous line. Now look at the stats above that. Now look at the last line. Now the stats above. Now back to reading some more. The campaign, stars The Most Interesting Man in the World 2.0 Isaiah Mustafa. It revolved around the theme “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” The original ad attracted 19 million views to date across all platforms (not just the below YouTube clip).This ad was followed by a series of clips which were responses to viewer comments and requests. So the string of vids on YouTube were custom made for the viewers. Individually! Radical? Ohh yeah!
Wieden and Kennedy struck viral gold with this campaign and they didn’t just stop there. To retain the spice in the old spice they also created an arch rival to the most interesting man. Who was the rival? Fabio! the Italian model who is better known by just his first name, who challenged Mastafa for a duel via a vid again (below). The next day, Mustafa accepted and the duel carried on via the requests and suggestions of the viewers.

Now here is a brand which has been around since,,,well forever. A brand you associate your dad with. A smell that everybody likes, cos its so distinct. But admit it, its an old brand! The re-emergence and the ubiquitousness of the brand on YouTube and the advertising strategy is the stuff legends are made of. Funny as hell and breaking grounds with its execution. Though this list is in no particular order had it been in one this campaign would have been right at the top.

In addition to there were others that were superb so here are some keywords you can use in the youtube search bar –
1. Method man sour patch kids
2. Rayban Never Hide Tomatina
3. Red bull way bay home danny mcaskill
4. Rovio angry birds Hamoween
5. Go pro powerful in everyway
6. Nintendo Wii U Trailer
7. E-Trade Superbowl Commercial baby
8. Samsung galaxy S2- Unleash your fingers
9. Apple Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S
10. Chrysler Born of Fire

It’s an absolute riot the number of absolute brilliant people thinking up such superb spots. Tell us if you agree, if there are more we missed maybe. Share what you got and we’ll have it on our twitter feed see. @thinkrasta



3 thoughts on “Top 12 of the Last 6. Look at your ad, now look at these.

  1. thoughtful, informative and fun.

    Posted by Vijesh | November 7, 2011, 3:09 pm
  2. Great post! Good analysis… although would want another one for Ray-ban’s ads

    Posted by Rodolfo Condorena | November 8, 2011, 4:45 pm
  3. Thanks guys, @Rodolfo we’ve made a mention of Rayban’s Never Hide Tomatina campaign though we did not think it was engaging enough to dislodge any of the 12. Were you referring to this one or is there another campaign that we missed?

    Posted by thinkrasta | November 8, 2011, 5:47 pm

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