Top 10 Indian from last 6

When it comes to branding and advertising, do we, as Indians remain third world and lack creativity to make successful commercials, visually appealing, extravagant, technologically advanced, and all that jazz that’s required to make it an international hit? Or is it usual for us to spice the 30 second spot with our own unique sensibilities catering to an extremely diverse audience? Let’s find out about by analyzing some top work of the first half of fiscal 11’.
So, the parameters to judge these ads remain more the same as the ones used in the previous post. So roll out the red carpets and parade those decorated elephants, for these are the royalties we’re talking about:

1. Bring your band with you
Tata Docomo MNP campaign

So, when MNP was to be launched in India, full scale, the hypercompetitive mobile services went into overdrive to cash in on the phenomenon. The idea was to show that your service is the best. Better than the rest. So that the rest can convert and start using your services. Tata Docomo differentiated itself with this simple and minimalistic ad which talks about a Docomo user being the hero. He is the hero cos he has his own band and set of cheerleaders chanting his name, wherever he goes, whatever he does. The corny music is an add on, cos somehow it just fits with the ad (it’s a roadside band, you cant expect a Pavarotti opera playing in the background, can you?), and in the end it tells you to stop your friends from paying extra when you can become like Vicky.Now who wouldn’t want their own band? Go Vicky!

2. No kidding, no worries

The above ads are about Flipkart.com, the online megastore, as they put it. There is something about kids conversing as adults in an ad, that if executed perfectly guarantees a hit. Watch the ad above to know what we’re talking about. The focus on the product? Throughout the ad without you even realizing it. Cos it’s the part of the conversation. ‘What if the online product is faulty?’ one of them asks. ‘No chance, and in case it does happen, we’ll replace it,its flipkart, we’re talking about’ the other one says, still not taking his eyes off of the laptop. Kids talking serious stuff focusing on the product features, connecting with the audience. Innovative approach of using kids to advertise an online mega store. In the end, there is a touch of humour when the first song in the mp3 is going to be ringa ringa roses. Now that’s a classic. We agree. There are series of ads for this campaign, one more from this series:

4.Tugging at your heart strings with the mom card
Cadbury’s diwali- lonely maa ad

In a country of many festivals of which Diwali is perhaps the biggest commercially brands push hard to do well during this season often overdoing it.This ad though is one of the latest to go viral when it comes to sharing on social media. Cadbury’s ‘kuch meetha ho jaaye’ ad campaign was already a hit with its catchy and melodic tune which talks about a cadbury’s dairy milk for every occasion. This Cadbury ad scores massively cos of the lonely maa card. It creates that capillary for the tear to roll down. It makes you want to go home and celebrate Diwali with your Mom and not just write an email to her and post it on her wall. It makes you want to eat a Dairy milk with your mom, after you’ve met her. It drives home the point.It drives home the point all misty eyed. Most importantly it understands a young Indian persons psyche. Family and parents are still very important and in a growing economy it does sometimes take a back seat. It also ads that youth marketing doesn just mean making young people bounce around to peppy beats.

5. Power of friendship! Used and abused
Airtel’s har ek friend campaign

If there is one Indian campaign that truly went viral through social media sites, then Airtel’s har ek friend is it. It was everywhere and it had everything going for it to go viral. Nice campaign, catchy music, college kids talking about dil, dosti, etc, an advertising jackpot, I say. You even had flash mobs dancing and wise associations such as the F1. The fact that it was parodied even by news channel to highlight the scams, triggered sms forward references, dedication on facebook walls by countless people for their even more countless friends, this word of mouth speaks volume about the popularity of the campaign. It has also become part of conversations if you would’ve noticed. The other day a friend of mine acted weird but in his own unique way and it did put us in jeopardy, but he’s a friend you see and that is the underlying thought which would perhaps be corny in any other part of the world but it works in India. So well done. Also, the brand learnt from its ridiculous rebranding ads where they used African, absolute nothing ads.

6. Will you do anything to try it? When Angels drive…
Volkswagen– Jetta ad

There is a place where you belong, like a word in a song. It may be hard but every dream must have a start. There is a time and there is place. A time for us. There is a time where you find your place. So go the words of the song in this ad. This ad is about a boy born with wings who struggles initially to find in this place in the world, eventually becoming a superhero in the process. And then he comes across Volkswagen’s Jetta. Cut to the boy with his wings cut off driving the Jetta. He’s found his place. The tagline reads,’ you’ll do anything to try it’. Is this a plot of a movie? No. It’s a 45 second ad. Yes, all this in 45 seconds. A dreamy ad with an old world charm. There is a sense of entitlement. You were born special. Always a star and as a young achiever and there are plenty of those in India right now for whom a 15 lac car is affordable and for a top brand like Volkswagen well a sense of desirability is what this created in a subtle yet extremely impactful way. In Jetta the special one finds his match. Who wins? Everyone.

8.Its a bird, it’s a plane…

Vodafone zoozoo 3G

What do you do when you have achieved a cult status with your ads by introducing alienesque yet cute caricatures with ballooned bodies and egg heads, called ‘zoozoos’? These zoozoos are so popular that they’ve exploded in the form of merchandises, be it Tees, coffee mugs, wall papers, souvenirs. They have their own fan pages on Facebook with more than 200,000 fans and growing daily. Zoozoos reached cult status in India, right from the time they were introduced 4 years back. What has been surprising is the longevity of the concept. How do you retain yet reinvent every year? Enter Zoozoo man in the form of Vodafone 3G introduced during IPL 2011. Its, faster, smarter and better. The ads were inspired by a series of texts based on another cult figure, south Indian actor Rajnikanth and other high-tech movies. He runs faster than bullets, stops trains, solves complex math equation. A super hero of all super heroes. Brilliant extension and through superb execution.

9. Why the world moved on to…
Fastrack Move on campaign

Fastrack is a young, edgy, trendy brand, and their ads have time and again highlighted that when it comes to youth brands, fastrack could very well be renamed “balls”. Through the series of ‘move on’ ads, it takes a situation where the youth can connect and gives it an interesting twist. It’s bold and fun, much like the brand. Given a styling to resemble 1960s America in these ads, it also has fitting background music to accompany it. The end result is a quirky take on certain inventions. Now you know why the world moved on to autopilots and answering machines. The choice of protagonists is spot on and Virat Kohli seems very marketable.

10. When Icons Go Forth
Levi’s legacy – Go Forth campaign

When on one hand some brands believe in glocalisation (Google, Mc Donald’s), there are others which have such a strong core idea that it transcends regional tastes to the extent that media buying is all they need to sort to target their communication. Levi’s plays with human emotions of freedom and hope here. Maybe it’s too advertising with the poem (‘the laughing heart’ by Charles Bukowski) as a narration giving it a ‘everybody is free to wear sunscreen’ kind of feel, but it is a visual master piece, and somehow the words of the poem fit in just right with the ad. Some might find the ad a bit too much. Another winner in the ad is the narration. The gruffy early morning baritone breaks the jingle clutter. Powerful.

There has been some other interesting work during this period. Throw in some of these keywords in youtube to check out more:
1. DLF IPL 2011 bharat bandh
2. Footloose bags- life lessons
3. Blackberry four guys and girl

Even though, some of these ads are creative and original it would be refreshing to see them evolve from being merely ads.
Through our analysis of top ads internationally we observed a trend of controlled experiences being recorded and beamed as ads. This popular strategy is truly experiential, candid, believable and would be expected to make its way into the
Indian advertising scene. Look out and let us know what you think.



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