Bad Ads Bad Ads What you gonna do , What you gonna do when we come for you

Ads exist for one reason and one reason only, to influence people in some way, whether that is to influence them to buy or to affect their point of view. A bad ad is one that does not garner the influence brand desires. A very bad ad is the one that not only doesn’t get such results but also nudges the brand to negative equity.

Do you sit through obnoxious commercials or do you switch channels every time they deliver their stuttering 10 second pitches through the small screen? Either ways, ever wondered how companies, often big brands and their pompous advertising agencies subject us to monstrosities? One would imagine they’d channel that income column well to research, know and execute better. One could also matter of factly state that sometimes it works, sometimes it does not, you’re excused, at least you’re blowing your own money. The good part though is that when it doesn’t work out it is potential source for bellowing cynical laughter. Haha “someone got paid for this shit!”

Here we wanted to analyse the different variety of bad advertisement and what happens when advertisements go bad ? Is it agency sabotage or were they simply that naive, even plain daft? And of course the best way to find out is watching them, the professional heart wrenched now. We’ll not subject you to the torture that we went through watching these works of art, instead we’ll offer you guilty pleasures by picking up a few. You should have a look to simply know what not to do.

1. Being Too Creative :
There seems to be a thin line between being creative and crossing over to turn insane. Some of these retards are retained and even showered with adulation when they incrementally turn cuckoo.
Take the example of Toyota Prius : Introducing to the us the new family hatchback sedan , they showcased it in a, well… rather bizarre way. A humanoid made of well humans all the way. A human family or a family human , at the end of the day it was a bit too artsy for any-body’s taste and hence it just became creepy.

It was rightly condemned by anyone who had the misfortune of stumbling upon it, the general consensus is summed up rather well in the following comment on youtube :
“Concept: Toyota sells maggots. That’s what this disgusting commercial led me to think. What car? I never saw the car because the channel was changed as soon as I saw the “thing” aka maggot pile.”

2. Being Very Less Creative :
Carfax Carfox :
Talking about keeping it really short & simple. Combined with an annoying furry animal this ad just leaves you thinking “guys why did you even bother with those non funny 16 sec”. Someone got paid for this too.

@Coolvids75 also keeps it short and simple and states : “umm that realy isnt funny”

3. Vague Message:
What happens when the point of the message gets lost in the medium itself. You are left with a audience with a dumbfound look on their face. We shall call these ad’s as “Eh? What?” ads.
I am pretty sure by now you would have stood witness to the JK cement ad. If you havn’t , the ad featured a model in a red swimsuit walking out of the ocean perhaps and then, guess what,,,,,the JK cement tag line. Thats it. When it came out not too many people knew what to make of it. It was the vague message syndrome. But sex sells and the ad had the most recall value among the younger generation even though they weren’t perhaps the audience.
Following suit to what the brand deemed success, JK cement went a step behind and came up with the twirling girl. In this there is no girl in bikini. It’s a just a girl spinning in circles. I kid you not.

Isme Kuch Khaas nahi hai !!!

4. Poor Placement :
Pune based Venky’s took over BlackBurn Rovers and now they have them eating out of their plates, literally. This ad in poor taste shows the Rovers huddling together only to munch on Venky’s Chicken. You really feel bad for the players as well as the fans who support the team. Would stuffing heavily sauced chicken drumsticks into your mouth really be good preparation for a football match?

You dont want to give your rival team’s fans another excuse to murder you in the stands apart from the fact that you’ve put together a shit squad, here’s what one of them had to say “Ha Ha rovers the funniest thing ever hang your heads in shame cant wait to see you all in your venkys shirts i will piss myself Uncle jack would be turning in his grave”

5. Inflammatory Ads:
We understand that any publicity is good publicity blah blah but the last thing a committed business wants from its 30 second spot is cheapness. People at Groupon should have spent some more (meaning less) time in the drawing room as the ad ends up being insensitive towards the people of Tibet. Their suffering = Our Gain . Epic FAIL !!

If you reached this far in the post, boy do you have an appetite for the horrific, and just for you here’s looking at more evil-

What were they Thinking ?
Doritos – Worst Thing Ever
The title says it all only. Really Doritos??

WTF?? Commercials : SO bad they they will make you cringe :
Tums, the antacid commercials are trying to be funny but clearly their oral fixation has me worried. Poor granny

So Bad that they are really good :
The ad that had poop written all over it. An animated baby talent show where the only talent being judged is just how much poop each of the three tots can dump into their diapers. This ad has been named the worst Ad in the year 2011, irrespective we found this ad really funny. It’s disgusting but funny and that’s a difficult line to toe.

Someone tell Doritos that they’re selling crisps.

Yes they say that during the recession do not cut your marketing budget. But some of them really must because during a recession you shouldn’t be wasting money either. The whole point of this post is not just to highlight advertising’s role in the recession, but also to appeal to ad agencies and brands to stop thinking that just watching Madmen is enough. Clearly that isn’t working. So how about going back to good old “common sense”. If you cant, we’ll do it for you, i mean anything to prevent these things polluting airtime.



One thought on “Bad Ads Bad Ads What you gonna do , What you gonna do when we come for you

  1. after this ad was released, Gems sales and contributions to WWF which has a panda on its logo have both fallen drastically, i wager.

    Posted by Franco | November 17, 2011, 7:54 am

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