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Honey, I 3Ded them brands

Outside of what Pixar produces, have you ever seen a building talk? Or imagined what it would be like to Play Pin Ball on it? What if a building was dreaming ?!!!

The tech savvy know it as the augmented realm of 3D-4D Projection Mapping. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, we prefer borrowing from Jamiroquai and calling it virtual insanity.

A giant projector, projecting gigantic things on a giant building getting people all wide mouthed about it .But if you look at it closely, like a brand hawk, there is more to this projection phenomenon.

Brands around the world have embraced these large buildings and seem near desperate to reshape modern advertising landscape. Companies are investing heavily (Minimum layout is in the range on 50 to 75,000 usd for a single event) into adding that extra dimension, and then  make it wobble around a building attracting eyeballs.

WHY So 3-D?

Lets face it, young people don’t spend much time on tele anymore. When they do watch some of those shows they use 30 second adverts as pee pee or BB break.

After years of suffering a blitzkrieg of conventional 30 seconders aiming at tickling every tendon in our body  we are near immune to the impact of conventional pitch of brands on television.

“Hi I’m a zoo zoo and you’ve seen me a few million times! Don’t you love me” ..”agrhh, i could use you as a punching bag”. In addition, low budget local events in your nieghbourhood malls are suffering from sales dictats and evoke only “o not again” sentiment from the prospect. He literally runs from them or participates for the keychains on offer. You dont want the guy who participates for  key chain, serious.The effectiveness is down and it has word of mouth potential of your neighbourhood durga puja. So advertisers have no choice but to think out of the “idiot” Box.

Street Art , Flashmobs and now the 3d-4d projections are all components of changing dynamics of advertising. We may view them as extensions now, but its only left to a brand’s creativity, how and where they want to start.

History& Evolution of Axis Z:

3D technology has been around since 1920s mainly for motion picture experience. Its been in India for well over 30 years. There is a generation of Chota Chetans and they still insist on being called YOUTH. Another important entertainment vertical that adopted 4D experience to maximise user experience was theme parks. Hong Kong Peak tower still has 80s style Arcade 3D-4D  zone where you get strapped into bucket seats and get treated to Super Mario type graphics.


So after years of mostly misuse…( Shiva ka insaaf anyone?) this 3d phenomenon has entered the realm of honourable advertising.

In a short span of time there have been giant strides in terms of imagination, quality, and sheer magnitude of BUZZ. So far 3D Projection Mapping has been like the UFO phenomenon of the 60’s. These campaigns are slowly being sighted all across the globe.

SAMSUNG – NUFORMER PROJECTION MAPPING is credited as being the first ever 3D Projection Mapping to Go viral – May2010 via projection on a building in Amsterdam..

Being among the first of it’s kind, the projection naturally gathered a lot of attention. Moreover projecting it in one of the tripiest cities in the world wasn’t a bad idea either.

Lifebuoy of  a sinking Giant 

Launch of Nokia Lumia feat. Deadmau5 at the Milkman Building from 3D to 4D. Sometimes desperation is a good thing. Nokia finally gets some marketing going. For the Launch of Lumia, Nokia ropes in Deadmau5 and the worlds most advanced 4D technology.

5 mins of pure magic pulsating to the beats of Deadmau5. Each of the 120 meter high building’s 800 windows were covered with vinyl as 16 powerful projectors, stationed 300 meters away on the other side of the river, beamed 3D images onto the structure.

The pre-event plan was such that it gathered enough moss to be eventually live streamed through Nokia Pages on Facebook. By now it has over 12 million hits on youtube, Rolling Stone! For those who witnessed it was more than a promotional event, for them it was also 5 minute Deadmau5 concert. It didn’t matter that people knew that such an event was taking place, the production team knew they had the viewers hook , line and sinker, once the first beat bounced.

The event has been billed as the future of live promotional events.

P.S: Deadmau5 mix was the 4th Dimension.

Fashion Art Extravaganza:

Projected simultaneously in London and New-York the Ralph Lauren projectionsa luxury brands indulged not for the sake of indulgence. Wasn’t it prudent to celebrate the 10th anniversary of your .com with an art meets tech gala.

P.S : The events cost close to a sweet million green backs each

Will the Elephant Dance in 3d?  (Projecting India in the 3D Mapping )

The elephant isn’t custody to 4 of those left feet. It has been going latino for a while, except in different clubs (read adavertising media). So creativity isnt top concern. Its more the resistance to it. The biggest hindrance we face in India, is the assumption that native skills are incapable of producing anything of value. So in return what we do is borrow the best from the west and end up pooping all over the porch.

The eventual execution will have to transcend hurdles a plenty.

The Stumbling Blocks

Cost Factor: With a minimum outlay of about 25-40 lakhs for an event, brands need to rationalise spend vis-à-vis other avenues of traditional and emerging advertising alternates. What if it doesn’t go well? Why cant we just hedge by doing 40 local events. Tell the agency to think of something “cool”?

Logistics:  Our infrastructure leaves a lot to desire and the maze of bureaucracy involved in seeking permissions and security for any event is a dampener.

Another aspect is, non-availability of projection equipment in the country, which means facilitating imports and transport of the same.

Execution: All said, this is the biggest challenge. If 3D projection is done as a half-hearted bumming along job it could be a difficult to justify costly mistake. Someone will lose a job.

A lot of thought has to be paid to rationale of doing a 3D-4D mapping for a brand in a market as diverse and challenging as India. Since it is a high tech event appealing to an evolved  and urban youth consumer base it cannot be a blanket activity. As clichéd as it might sound “segmentation and precise targeting” are a must.

Marketers need to ask themselves tough questions like –

1.       What kind of a 3D-4D mapping event would be a right fit for the brand?

2.       Location, location, location applies

3.       How do we REACH a significant percentage of the right audience via social networks?

Did I rock your world? (Would it work?)

Imagine the Nokia Lumia launch in India happens via 3D projections. Would Deadmau5 cut it? Maybe, if he’s playing a 5 minute gig at SUNBURN where Nokia makes an absolute surprise entry. The audience they will be targeting will be right there. What if these 3D projections are of Salman Khan or a Rajnikant fighting deamons with head made of the SUN or something else that trippy and eccentric, yet Indian and kitsch. Imagine the buzz any one of these megastars beating the shit of  a 100 goons in 3D or on a façade and doing it to, yes Deadmau5 @ Sunburn. I would wanna watch that on youtube.

Rumour has it –

Although no such major campaigns have taken place in India yet, but a lot of them are in the pipeline according to Urban Area a UK based company which also has operations in India.

Look out! ZooZoo’s breaking through Purana Quila.



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