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5 Young Tracks to feature at every New Year’s Party

We’re about hit 2012 and hit it rather hard. Most of you would have by now made plans as to where and how to raise the curtain on New Year. Same with most young people around the world. Their party halls are booked and clubs are certain to explode.

Here’s presenting you with the dynamite that will burn up dance floors around the world.

5 songs that will feature in most young New Year eve parties around the world (and why?) –

1. We found love – Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

The smash hit that courted controversy was released at a time when youth of the world were running riot one way or another. In times of economic and political uncertainty which was affecting everyone and the mood in the park, if you wondered what was playing beneath those white wired earphones it was another Rihanna collaboration that made it to Billboard no. 1. Cheers to that.

2. Give me everything tonight – Pitbull

It’s a little shortcut. It’s the kinds which makes you feel “this is it”. You know what happens when that feeling comes around. Well, young people, if they’re not out in the street looting stores or causing a revolution, they dance like crazy. It’s a slick club song and Pitbull and Neyo are voices that might not be here tomorrow but on New Years eve they will be heard with the countdown to 2012.

3. Blind Faith – Chase and Status feat. Liam Bailey

This is the independent one which isn’t so underground anymore. Warehouse parties and sheer nuisance loving.  Another track that is contemporary in sound yet fabulously dated in appearance, superbly done video. It’ll probably perfect for the just after midnight when you suddenly find yourself sane and happy. SweetThis one is definitely on our playlist and if it’s worth anything, it’s highly recommended by a drug dealer J

4. Tonight I’m Fucking You – Enrique Iglesias

Every year there are songs that you would be ashamed dancing to months into the next year. Enrique specializes in this variety. With an explicit sexual overtone this extremely danceable number oozes confidence and has been embraced by dudes and their ladies alike.

5. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

The name on this one says it all. The jury is still out on whether it will last as a party anthem though. 2011, it did barge onto turntables all around the world. It will definitely be the go to song for the nerds looking for an excuse to hit the floor. It’s impossible to get this tune out of your head and you literally have to stomp one foot with another to make it stop tapping while this plays. It can get uncontrollable.

And of course there are others. If you know any that should have been a certainty on this list let us know. In the very least we’ll add them to our own New Year playlist.

Ladies, Gents, Have a massive 2012!




One thought on “5 Young Tracks to feature at every New Year’s Party

  1. Interesting… Chase & Status is my fav. and i see Kolaveri Di didnt make your cut??

    Brilliant stuff in thinkRasta. Carry on chaps 😉

    Posted by Manu | December 31, 2011, 12:09 pm

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