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Top 10 of the Top (5/10/15) Lists of 2011

Creativity peaks in multiples of 5. Why just creativity? Conciseness, relevance, knowledge, wisdom, reasoning, astute observational skills- all of them. 5 reasons why aliens will make contact with the Japenese first, 10 facts about termites, 15 seconds to fame, top 20 homesteading tools,Fortune 500, 50 most poular women on the web (Justin Bieber ranks #7 on this list, go figure) and so on. The year just ended and every blogger worth his salt, and his pet dog set out with top 5-10-20 lists. Its almost a compulsive rage, without which you feel incomplete and lost, an important means of attaining closure on the year that just went. After all there’s nothing wrong with analyzing the past so that we can come up with insights to help us through the future. So what if:

  • Those precious nuggets always happen to be in rounded off numbers
  • At least one or two items on the lists look like they’ve been threatened to stay on the list even if they weren’t meant to be there ever. Look closely, you might just find them handcuffed too
  • Most of the top 10 kind of topics are really subjective. Of course they must’ve carried out massive surveys before claiming top 10/20 of all times
  • You can almost imagine the writer staying up till 4 with a coffee, staring at the screen at point number 10
  • Those philosophers never really new a thing when they said life was unpredictable. They just couldn’t find the remaining one or two items in reaching a multiple of 5. Our understanding of life would’ve been very different, #Justsaying
  • I agree the sound of ‘top 20’ brands  even for dog food is better than ‘top 17’.

Come to think of it, they are a hit even with readers since:

  • Of course our choices are exactly the same in movies/songs. So I am spared of the trouble of thinking for myself
  • Those neat bullet points imparting concise answers
  • Good for small talk
  • Less boring than scrolls and manuscripts of information, since we have to read SOMETHING
  • Gets done with quick, so what if most of the bullet points then run in paras. These days you even get them in pictures

There is but only this singular concern. That of there being too many such lists. Every third headline at this time of the year starts with Top blah of blah blah..blah. So we decided to play super heroes yet again. Bowing to the power of these 5, we now present the top 10 of top 5/10/20 lists (read again!) of 2011 and what they hold for us in 2012. Obviously we’re looking at aspects that reflect the behaviour of young people around the world. These are the ones you should not have missed but just in case you did here we go (click on the headings):

1. Top 10 movies of 2011:

Plenty of lists for this one online, but I picked this one because it doesn’t have Rango (depressing depressing movie, I don’t care if Johnny Depp dubbed for it or Obama). Personal preferences aside, we think folks at imdb no a thing or two about films.

2. Most popular android apps 2011:

This one gives out the most popular ones, segmented by age groups, according to Nielsen. We’ve taken android here because it emerging as the winner for 2011 and its openness puts it in a good position for 2012

3. Top 10 iTunes downloaded 2011

We’ve taken up the list of iTunes since it best reflects the choice of youth opinion leaders. The list is as varied and heterogeneous as the taste of young people around the world. Sheer talent such as Adele to frivolity in Cee Lo’s “Fuck you” all make it to this intriguing list.

4. Top 10 games 2011

There is no stopping Games as a media of growth and it presents  opportunities galore for marketers seeking out the young and the nimble minded.

5. 10 most searched terms on google

The buzz you have been able to generate is reflected best by how the number of people who checked you online. If you weren’t searched, you weren’t noticed in all probability. The only surprise here is that we’re not on this list! (no i’m not going to put a smiley here)

6. Top 10 viral ad campaigns of 2011

Every youth brand, would give an arm and a leg, probably add an “R” to their name if need be to have a viral that clicked. These are the ones that actually managed it. Bravo.

7. Top 10 facebook sensations

Fb is evolving, as we can guess with their reaction time in the face of Google+. The sheer popularity of this 800mn users social networking giant reflects in obscure activities becoming hip just because they were proliferated on Facebook.

8. Top 10 Social Media lessons of 2011

An all-encompassing read for anyone looking out for social media marketing tips. Comes in 2 parts actually,

Part I

Part II 

Its effective and reinforces important ideas such as the misnomer of numbers being direct measure of engagement.

9. Top 15 social media disasters of 2011

We’ve all understood now how a brand can thrive off social media, but it can go astray just as fast, a comprehensive list right from the well known GoDaddy to the lesser familiar. Goes on to show that social media can leave deep scars on brands if not handled carefully.

10Top Brands 2011

This last one doesn’t throw any big surprises but clearly reflects the shift in focus towards simplicity, the principle top brands Apple, Google, McDonalds swear by.

If there is one take away for anybody targeting the young, it is that in this cluttered market that offers young people multiple choices anyone who simplifies there lives stands more than a chance.

Our list in no order, their just all there. 10 that one must know off and offer great learning moving into 2012.

A list that is totally objective like any good list, and hey look! A multiple of 5? Humor me.





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