Comic Con 2012, Photo blog

Event Creative

I so badly dont want to know why Savita Bhabi’s fat cousin and silicon enhanced desi superwoman are the grand choices?


Haven’t heard of any pre/follow up events at Mocha. O O they must have put up the posters and paid organizers some money. There were some obvious yet interesting competitions such as those for Costumes


Who was in attendance?

The Old Gaurd 

New Kids

40 winks


Most new publications have the tolerance t(o the sensibilities of middle income Indian house holds) of the old guard and serious influences from the West and Manga forms.

Chariot Comics

Kuru Chronicles

There are few with a local focus

Blaft from Chennai

Then there was the social and cultural variety of comics

Then were the the others

Apart from the main stream publications there were other aspects to the Comic Con

Merchandise (too much of it infact)

There was also thee Training and Education lot

Innovative business using comics as platform did find its takers

There were also cross promotions such as those of films and e-commerce portals you could pick up these comics from

Flipkart promoting Sony's PSVita and itself


Bausch & Lomb


Last but surely not the least was the presence of a legend to inspire comic artists to work hard and come out with an original style and how they could turn their apparent lack of social life into a successful career in comics 🙂

Robert Crumb

We also did an interesting interview which we will append to this post. Our twitter feed will be a good place to find out when that happens.




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