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thinkrasta.wordpress.com is now thinkrasta.com The new website is a more flexible, well scrubbed up version of what you’d subscribed for.Now, we can view more posts, per category, subject,  popularity etc. Also, it’s easier to share and comment on stuff we fancy (or don’t). Furthermore, we’ve added interesting functionalities such as “Event” wherein we’ll publish the various events Rasta … Continue reading

Olman comes around to discuss the Merchandising business in India

We’ve been working on a post about IPL advertising for coming Monday. While doing some random research I came across a loosely related fact about franchisee revenues. Considering they claim to have adopted all good things from a number of international sporting leagues the near absence of merchandising revenues in their P&Ls came as a … Continue reading

Youth Brands Report Card, FY 11 – 12

For anybody in business, it’s that time of the year when you look at your rear view mirror, hoping you find in it, your competition and a coupla accolades. Additional certainty that the boot is stuffed with enough cash to fuel your onward journey doesn’t hurt either. At the beginning of  FY 12-13, we look back at the performance … Continue reading

Vanilla and Uncool – The Ice Cream business in India

You know its summer, when your social calendar features a night drive for an ice cream to India Gate. It maybe because you’re the conformist variety or plain courteous to the demands of squealing Delhi girls. You have to confess though, that anyway you look at it, the race between the tongue and dripping ice … Continue reading

Dirty Pictures

I’m a small town businessman married with 2 kids, my wife is a private secretary with a local babu (a beaurocrat). After having these kids I’ve lost my appetite for expensive domestic sex, with it also lost my mojo for life in general. I can’t say the same about my wife though, she seems to … Continue reading

Agent Vinod pungi’s himself

I was in the midst of my daily ritual of walking the haloed grounds of social networks when I stumbled upon a little gem @sambha_bhilane  Friendship is watching Agent Vinod together without blaming anyone. This is not an isolated attempt at panning the movie, that bit has already been done. Within a week of its release a … Continue reading

IPL franchisees, as digital as 2003

Do you know what’s common between Diwali and the IPL? It’s the sense of stagnancy that these events bring to your life. The same shit every year. Since the circus came to town 5 years back, IPL marketing, especially at the club level has done exactly that. It has flattered to deceive much like its … Continue reading

Come to Starbucks, the one opposite Cafe Coffee Day

One not so pleasant morning I was being struck to consciousness by the hammerhead when I stumbled upon a tweet, #Starbucks to enter India. The next gulp was bigger and slower because it was news I had been waiting for, for a while. I mean fuck finally! Starbucks is here. After the initial jolt subsided with … Continue reading

World Series Hockey, last minute winner or self sinking error?

About 12 years back maybe 13, when Dhyan Chand National Stadium in Delhi was merely National Stadium, Indian Hockey was spiraling its way to what many illustrate a point from where there is only one direction, up. At that time there were 2 small Cricket grounds just outside this stadium. They did not seem like … Continue reading

Pin it to Win it

Napoleon Bonaparte was a master strategist, a brilliant general, an able civil administrator.                              News? hell No! so here is some – He was also an internet visionary. Yep,  in a vague acid induced sort of way yes, but in real terms … Continue reading

Rahul Dravid, the unlikely youth icon?

Passages to public conscience are low resistance for successful sportsmen. What we tend to forget though is that the path to such recognition is chock full with bloody sacrifices. In no-one’s case is this truer than that of Rahul Dravid who recently hung up his battle hardened boots.  As he crosses his own finish line, there is … Continue reading

Brands lose color on Holi

In midst of planning our Holirevelry ,one of our female friends refused to go to a party in the farm, citing obnoxious behaviorby a gang of Holi boys in a similar setting a few years back. I wouldnt blame her entirely, to a large extent, on Holi, cities turn intoperv jungles, diluting the innocent fun … Continue reading

Football in India, moving up the standings

Last week I got a group invite on Facebook. It was to join the official Arsenal Supporters Club, Delhi. This was in time for Saturday’s big game against Liverpool, so an event invite to watch the match with other fans followed. I curiously joined the group pledging my allegiance to a North London club sitting in Gurgaon. … Continue reading

The Brand Gap

In whatever limited I’ve consumed, don’t think I’ve ever regretted finishing a book. Maybe once when I was seduced by the title “The Road Less Traveled” and tried to convince myself that if a finance professor had assigned it for a read there must be something in there, a quick buck perhaps. As it turned … Continue reading

Careful of your own shadow – Kingfisher Airlines

It’s only so far you can go on the internet. Follow as many “places to be” boards on Pinterest, but there is no substitute to being on an African Safari, and only a plane can take you there. Today, more than ever, people and ipads are moving around the world and locally. Still, somehow it’s … Continue reading


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